Peptide Synthesis Services (UMN Internal Service Organization)

We are an approved Internal Service Organization (ISO) for providing peptide synthesis to University of Minnesota customers (with potential services to external commercial and academic customers, please email for negotiation). We offer competitive pricing compared to outside, commercial sources–our rates are based on recouping of overhead and instrument investment, reagent costs, and labor costs for running syntheses in batches of 1-12 peptides at a time, and do not include any profit margin or other markup. We offer a full-service “facility synthesis” rate, which includes labor costs, and a trained user “independent synthesis” rate, which does not include labor costs (other than the costs of initial training by our staff).

Rates (***rates listed were from FY2015-2016–NOTE: RATE ADJUSTMENT CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS FY2019-2020)

The costs for facility-run or independent synthesis start with a base overhead rate per peptide, with a batch synthesis discount applied proportionally for each additional peptide from 1-12. Reagents are charged “at-cost”, and vary depending on the specific sequences requested. For facility-run synthesis, labor is charged to cover staff time operating the instrument and performing clean-up afterwards. Independent users are not charged labor costs, however in case of insufficient clean-up by an independent user, they will be charged for facility staff time involved in clean-up. Estimates for the overall costs, including each sub-component of the cost, are provided upon customer request prior to initiating the synthesis. Contact Dr. Laurie Parker by email for estimates or to ask questions.

Labor rate (facility-run synthesis): $200

Base overhead rate (per peptide):


Per-synthesis rate (facility-run synthesis, by number of peptides in batch): (not including reagent costs, which are calculated separately)


Per-synthesis rate (independent user, by number of peptides in batch): (not including reagent costs, which are calculated separately)


Protein Technologies SymphonyX Peptide Synthesizer


We are equipped with a Protein Technologies SymphonyX synthesizer, which has several key features to enable synthesis of “non-standard” peptides and peptidomimetics, such as those containing expensive amino acid monomers and labels (fluorophore and/or non-radioactive heavy isotopes), including 12 fully independent reaction vessels and “one-shot” delivery (i.e. no priming required) for expensive monomer addition or unusual chemistry requirements. Our lab can synthesize labeled and unlabeled peptides for customers or provide training to advanced users who expect to explore research questions through peptide synthesis.